Multi-agent systems (MASs) provide powerful models for representing real-world environments with an appropriate degree of complexity and dynamism. Several industrial experiences have already shown that the use of MAS offers advantages in manufacturing processes, e-Commerce, and network management. Since MASs in such contexts are to be tested before their actual deployment and execution, methodologies that support validation through simulation (e.g. discrete-event simulation, agent-based simulation, etc.) of the MAS under development are highly required. In fact, simulation of a MAS can not only demonstrate that a MAS correctly behaves according to its specifications but can also support the analysis of emergent properties of the MAS under-test.

MAS&S'09 aims at providing a forum for discussing recent advances about the integration of Simulation and Agent Oriented Software Engineering (AOSE) methodologies and techniques for the analysis, design, validation and implementation of Multi-Agent Systems.

Program Chairs

Giancarlo Fortino - University of Calabria -

Massimo Cossentino - ICAR/CNR  (Palermo) -

Juan Pavon - Universidad Complutense Madrid (Spain) -

Marie-Pierre Gleizes - Université Paul Sabatier (France) -