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Request JIMAF v0.1!!!

RELEASE NOTES: JIMAF is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Please contact the authors for further information.


  1. Install the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition, v 1.4.2 or later;
  2. Install the The Aglets mobile agent system;
  3. Install the The Ajanta mobile agent system;
  4. Install the The Grasshopper mobile agent system;
  5. Install the Objectspace Voyager;
  6. Unzip the requested file jimaf.zip (see above) in a directory (by example c:/), this process will create the subdirectory jimaf inside the chosen directory (following the example it will be c:/jimaf);
  7. Create an environment variable called JIMAF_HOME and set its value to the path of the jimaf subdirectory (following the example you will set JIMAF_HOME=c:/jimaf);
  8. Add to the CLASSPATH variable the path of the directory in which the jimaf.zip has been extracted (following the example you will add c:/ to the CLASSPATH);
  9. Copy the content of the directory jimaf/intmas/aglets2.0.2/public in the directory aglets2.0.2/public of your Aglets installation;
  10. Copy the content of the directory jimaf/intmas/ajanta1.1 in the directory ajanta1.1 of your Ajanta installation;
  11. Copy the content of the directory jimaf/intmas/grasshopper2.2.4 in the directory grasshopper2.2.4 of your Grasshopper installation;
  12. Copy the content of the directory jimaf/intmas/voyager in the directory voyager of your Voyager installation;

An Usage Scenario

Consider five host:


Open the file bridges.dat (in the %JAVA_HOME%\interoperable\dat directory) on Host4 and modify the address of the four bridge agents according to your settings.
A bridge address has the following format: rmi://HostName/HostName-UserName-ServerNumber-BridgeAgentName-AgentServerPortNumber (an example: rmi://pards5.deis.unical.it/pards5.deis.unical.it-gfortino-server1-ajantabridge-4095).

Open the file location.dat (in the %JAVA_HOME%\demo\test\dat directory) and modify the location addresses according to your settings.
A location has the following format: HostName:AgentServerPortNumber/UserName/ServerNumber/AgentServerType (an example: pards1.deis.unical.it:4095/gfortino/server1/ajanta).

Open the file partners.dat (in the %JAVA_HOME%\demo\test\dat directory) and modify the addresses of the partners according to your settings.
A partner address has composed by six lines respectively: PartnerHostName PartnerUserName PartnerServerNumber PartnerName PartnerAgentServerPortNumber PartnerAgentType
An example:

Start the Test Agent on Host4 from the command line: java VoyagerServer HostName UserName ServerNumber TestAgentName VoyagerPortNumber t (an example: java VoyagerServer pards4.deis.unical.it gfortino server1 voy4 4000 t).

If you wish you can run different TestAgents on different Hosts but don't forget to properly set the bridges.dat, the location.dat, and the partner.dat files and each Host.

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